Pedal Modification

Below are a Budda© PHATMAN and a ZENMAN (both anodized) with the Presence and Mid control modification. We add the correct value pots and add Budda style knobs or chicken head knobs. Both have all the noisy ceramic capacitors replaced with smooth sweet sounding silver-mica capacitors as well.

This mod gives the pedal a nice (think Plexi) creamy tone. I also recommend (when using a Zen Man) that you replace the first tube, the one on the left, with a NOS Jan-Phillips (green Label 5*) mil-spec 5751. Lots of requests for this mod lately. If you are interested the mod costs $125.00 which includes return shipping.

This also includes all new silver mica capacitors, 2 new pots, your choice of knobs, and 2 new JJ 12AX7 tubes if needed! We recently changed this mod slightly. We are no longer drilling out the tube cover plate. The new pots will be mounted directly below the gain and volume knobs about an inch. This optimizes tube maintenance.

The picture below on the left is an example of the new pot locations. Labeling will also be added.



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