Custom Amps

Ever dream of owning a hand wired point to point tube amp that is out of production. We can build it. We use quality parts and build to spec. Only out of production amps are available as we don’t need to collect cease and desist letters from lawyers. We charge $30.00 an hour labor plus the cost of the parts to include a small parts stocking fee.

We also charge for the shipping cost of transformers, chassis’, cabinets and speakers etc. Please consider the cost of having a custom amp built versus whats available and if the output transformers or non-standard tubes that are used in the design of the amplifier are available at a reasonable cost. Some parts such as selenium rectifiers are no longer available so some clones can not be replicated to 100% spec, but can be built using quality replacement parts that will not affect the tone of the amp. We will also professionally install modifications to your tube amplifier or rebuild a less than usable tube amplifier.

We will not cut a collectible amplifier to install things like an effects loop or a recording output. There are devices made for this type of application that will cost you a lot less money and will not destroy the value of a vintage collectible tube amp. However, from the ground up custom built amplifiers are built as fast and as precise as possible and are our priority. We build to your specs for a reasonable charge using only the finest parts available.

Don’t be dissuaded by web rumors or unsubstantiated claims that transformer X is the only thing that sounds good because of some perceived MOJO someone has commented on the web about. Numerous people who write a lot but don’t play much are constantly spewing out unsubstantiated “facts” and B.S. about resistors, capacitors, tubes, transformers, potentiometers and so on. I am a scientist at heart and have spent the last 17 years building, modding, and testing effect pedals and guitar amplifiers. Things I have checked out to see if they are true.

I recently measured the range of travel or throw of a Vox wah-wah and compared it to a Crybaby wah-wah and yes the Vox wah has a longer range of motion. Will this effect tone? With a well made correctly tapered wah pot it may. Wah pots do have different tapersĀ  Mojo and Voodoo are just vendor perpetuated Internet hype to separate you from your dollars, don’t get sucked in. There are electrical engineering principles and basic electronics engineering laws that must be followed to properly use passive and active electronic components.

Some components are made from materials that are less noisy or more suited for their application in a circuit. Carbon composition resistors or tropical fish capacitors are not magical they are just electronic components. What is more important are the tolerances components are manufactured within and the quality of the material used to build the components. Don’t pay stupid money for old technologies or (NOS, Vintage, only used by) simply because someone says they have some special non-quantitative MOJO.

If you believe the hype call me I have lots of NOS in stock that I will gladly sell you for an inflated price if that will make you feel good about your rig. I never buy anything before I educate myself about what I am going to spend my hard earned dollars on. I recently saw an E-bay auction for a quantity of 100 .022 “vintage” Sozo made Marshall mustard caps. The starting price was well over $900.00.

Q. Why do I have NOS parts? A. For collector item restorations to insure a restored piece holds it’s collectible value! Remember one of the first basic rules of electrical engineering is; most things are engineered to a tolerance of “+/- 10%or more in some cases” Why? To save on component costs, inexpensive components mean a more significant bottom line profit for the manufacturer. Most electronics components are available in value tolerances ranging from 1% up to 20% or more. What if your doctor only had to get it right 80 or 90% of the time. Demand better for your money!

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