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Guitar Amplifiers 18 Watt Reverb Specs

Bonepicker Guitar Amplifiers 18 Watt Reverb Specs Here’s an 18 Watt Chassis .

We use the new TUNG-SOL 6v6 Power tubes. The preamp tubes are JJ’s. The rectifier tube is a 5U4GB but you can use a GZ34 also. The transformers are MOJO’s and the Power Transformer has a Faraday shield. The output and power transformer are overload and reverse current protected using low and high current diodes. As you can see the amp is hand wired using phenolic tag board. Phenolic board doesn’t warp like the old paper boards do. The tag boards are hand drilled and the eyelets are installed by hand. We use Zicon 1% tolerance 1/2 watt metal film resistors, hoveland music caps in the tone section, orange drop 716P high performance capacitors, Sprague atom capacitors, Silver Mica capacitors, and a JJ multi cap as the filter capacitor.


The input, output, and reverb jacks are switchcrafts. We use CTS and Alpha Potentiometers, and Carling switches. The controls are ( form left to right- High Input, Low Input, Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, Reverb Volume, Reverb Dwell, Standby, Power ). The reverb tank is an Accutronics 3 spring long delay. The bias and power feed resistors are 2 Watt metal oxide non-flameable. The input, volume, and reverb, controls are connected using George-L’s shielded cable and grounded to reduce noise. All mounting bolts are locked in place using lock washers and lock-tite red. We plan on implementing a reverb tone control soon. We buy all our tubes matched from the distributors then we test them on our AMPLITREX AT1000¬© computerized tube tester.

Two more 18 watt chassis’ almost ready to install in their new hand made head cabinet. We use solid pine and chrome hardware for all the cabinets. We use Jensen Blue Alnico, Jensen Mod Ceramic speakers, and Weber¬© speakers. Weber’s are custom order only. Brad and Pete spraying tolex glue on a new 4×8 cabinet. We’ll be moving to a larger shop soon so we don’t have to do this stuff in the parking lot anymore.

Tolex glue is nasty stuff so ventilation is very important. This is an 8 Watt all tube Non-Reverb amp that will fit in the palm of your hand. Mini-me will drive a 4×12 cab and sounds like a mini plexi. 7″ wide x 51/2″ deep x 51/2″ tall. MINI-ME may be a production amp. EL-84, ECC803 and 5Y3 Rectifier. 4 Ohm output impedance.Here’s the 18 Watt non-reverb prototype that started things rolling.