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How to Play Guitar While Standing Up

So, you learned to play guitar? You are ready to become a rock star, don’t you? But, there is a tiny bit of a problem – you can’t play your guitar while you are standing up! What? But, how other guitarists do it? How famous rock musicians do that with such an ease? In this article, we will provide answers to some of these questions. This way, you will be able to learn how to play guitar while standing up.

When you finally learn how to play guitar, you feel that main step is finished, that you reach that point when everything becomes easier, but this is just a beginning. There is no quick fix how to learn to play guitar standing up, but there are so many things you can do to improve your style.

Issues while playing guitar standing up

The main thing why someone has issues with playing guitar standing up is a position of the guitar is different than position while sitting down. Because of this, a solution to resolve this is to practice several methods for playing while standing up. The guitar should be in same position no matter if you sit or stand, and you will learn this after several days of practice.

But, the guitar is not fixed, and you also must learn how to hold the guitar while walking, jumping or even running, that most of the musicians do a concert. You must setup strap at an optimal position. A guitar should not be too low or too high. This depends on body posture and length of your arms. Try several positions of guitar and find the one that suits you the best.


Why is playing guitar standing up harder?

You surely noticed that playing guitar in stand up position is harder. Why is that? Because you use more muscle groups and your body tries to do so many things at the same time. Many people practiced for months or even years to improve this, and you must be ready to do the same. Your left arm creates tension to your shoulder and your back, angles of your wrists are various, and you must stretch your muscles a bit.

If you can, the good thing before practice is to exercise for a couple of minutes before you start playing guitar. Focus on your body posture and rest from time to time, don’t be hard on yourself. Practice ten or fifteen minutes for a couple of days, and then increase your time to practice bit by bit.

Most common mistakes while standing up

If you notice any kind of pain during guitar playing, you are probably doing something wrong. It is normal to have some back pain if you practice for too long, but after some time, pain should go away. Feeling some tension in your wrists and arms are possible too. But, in order to prevent frequent pain, follow these tips to avoid mistakes while you play your guitar standing up.

The first thing to do is to adjust your guitar. Don’t hold guitar too far away, but you should not keep it too close either. Also, you need to relax your muscles, don’t be too tense and keep it natural. Your shoulders should be low, and relaxed at the same time.

Another common problem is finger pain. If you notice that your fingertips are hurting, this is because of friction. Your skin will get used to this over time, but until it does, you can use something to keep fingers protected. Also, take a break from time to time, relax in between practice because all you want to do is to have a good time, don’t you?


Learn to hold your guitar

If you want to learn how to play guitar while you stand up, you need to learn how to hold the guitar while standing up first. It looks easy while others do it, but when you try that for the first time, you will have the struggle to control your guitar. Follow these tips if you want to learn how to hold your guitar.

It is usually harder to play guitar in stand-up position. Because of this, you need good equipment to improve your guitar playing skills. First, you need to buy a high-quality strap. A strap will help you to fix the position of your guitar. Adjust it according to your body posture, and you are ready for next step.

The second step is – practice. Practice every day, as often as you can, and soon, you will notice that you are improving. In the first couple of days, you will find hard to keep everything under focus, but you will be better when time passes. Also, when you find the perfect position for your guitar, you will also avoid problems with back pain or shoulder pain.

If you have plans about performing your favorite songs in front of other people, this is a step you must do. When you learn how to do that, you will improve your body position, and your muscles will be stronger too. So, what do you waiting for? Start practice and don’t give up.



Playing guitar while you stand up is something you naturally want to do. You haven’t notice that your favorite rock star play guitar while sitting on a chair, right? Because of this, follow our tips and learn to play guitar standing up easily and with focus. We hope you find this article useful especially if you don’t know where to start to improve your guitar playing while standing on your feet.

Don’t be sad if you can’t play guitar while standing up. Time is your friend, and you will get a hold of it soon. You just need to practice every day, you must setup strap and position guitar at the optimal position, and after some time, you will be a master of playing guitar standing up. Finding good strap is an important part of this process. There is no universal solution for this, this varies from person to person, and you must find the way to do it by yourself. But, it is achievable.

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