Pedal Modification

Below are a Budda© PHATMAN and a ZENMAN (both anodized) with the Presence and Mid control modification. We add the correct value pots and add Budda style knobs or chicken head knobs. Both have all the noisy ceramic capacitors replaced with smooth sweet sounding silver-mica capacitors as well.

This mod gives the pedal a nice (think Plexi) creamy tone. I also recommend (when using a Zen Man) that you replace the first tube, the one on the left, with a NOS Jan-Phillips (green Label 5*) mil-spec 5751. Lots of requests for this mod lately. If you are interested the mod costs $125.00 which includes return shipping.

This also includes all new silver mica capacitors, 2 new pots, your choice of knobs, and 2 new JJ 12AX7 tubes if needed! We recently changed this mod slightly. We are no longer drilling out the tube cover plate. The new pots will be mounted directly below the gain and volume knobs about an inch. This optimizes tube maintenance.

The picture below on the left is an example of the new pot locations. Labeling will also be added.



Guitar Amplifiers 18 Watt Reverb Specs

Bonepicker Guitar Amplifiers 18 Watt Reverb Specs Here’s an 18 Watt Chassis .

We use the new TUNG-SOL 6v6 Power tubes. The preamp tubes are JJ’s. The rectifier tube is a 5U4GB but you can use a GZ34 also. The transformers are MOJO’s and the Power Transformer has a Faraday shield. The output and power transformer are overload and reverse current protected using low and high current diodes. As you can see the amp is hand wired using phenolic tag board. Phenolic board doesn’t warp like the old paper boards do. The tag boards are hand drilled and the eyelets are installed by hand. We use Zicon 1% tolerance 1/2 watt metal film resistors, hoveland music caps in the tone section, orange drop 716P high performance capacitors, Sprague atom capacitors, Silver Mica capacitors, and a JJ multi cap as the filter capacitor.


The input, output, and reverb jacks are switchcrafts. We use CTS and Alpha Potentiometers, and Carling switches. The controls are ( form left to right- High Input, Low Input, Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, Reverb Volume, Reverb Dwell, Standby, Power ). The reverb tank is an Accutronics 3 spring long delay. The bias and power feed resistors are 2 Watt metal oxide non-flameable. The input, volume, and reverb, controls are connected using George-L’s shielded cable and grounded to reduce noise. All mounting bolts are locked in place using lock washers and lock-tite red. We plan on implementing a reverb tone control soon. We buy all our tubes matched from the distributors then we test them on our AMPLITREX AT1000© computerized tube tester.

Two more 18 watt chassis’ almost ready to install in their new hand made head cabinet. We use solid pine and chrome hardware for all the cabinets. We use Jensen Blue Alnico, Jensen Mod Ceramic speakers, and Weber© speakers. Weber’s are custom order only. Brad and Pete spraying tolex glue on a new 4×8 cabinet. We’ll be moving to a larger shop soon so we don’t have to do this stuff in the parking lot anymore.

Tolex glue is nasty stuff so ventilation is very important. This is an 8 Watt all tube Non-Reverb amp that will fit in the palm of your hand. Mini-me will drive a 4×12 cab and sounds like a mini plexi. 7″ wide x 51/2″ deep x 51/2″ tall. MINI-ME may be a production amp. EL-84, ECC803 and 5Y3 Rectifier. 4 Ohm output impedance.Here’s the 18 Watt non-reverb prototype that started things rolling.



How to Play Guitar While Standing Up

So, you learned to play guitar? You are ready to become a rock star, don’t you? But, there is a tiny bit of a problem – you can’t play your guitar while you are standing up! What? But, how other guitarists do it? How famous rock musicians do that with such an ease? In this article, we will provide answers to some of these questions. This way, you will be able to learn how to play guitar while standing up.

When you finally learn how to play guitar, you feel that main step is finished, that you reach that point when everything becomes easier, but this is just a beginning. There is no quick fix how to learn to play guitar standing up, but there are so many things you can do to improve your style.

Issues while playing guitar standing up

The main thing why someone has issues with playing guitar standing up is a position of the guitar is different than position while sitting down. Because of this, a solution to resolve this is to practice several methods for playing while standing up. The guitar should be in same position no matter if you sit or stand, and you will learn this after several days of practice.

But, the guitar is not fixed, and you also must learn how to hold the guitar while walking, jumping or even running, that most of the musicians do a concert. You must setup strap at an optimal position. A guitar should not be too low or too high. This depends on body posture and length of your arms. Try several positions of guitar and find the one that suits you the best.


Why is playing guitar standing up harder?

You surely noticed that playing guitar in stand up position is harder. Why is that? Because you use more muscle groups and your body tries to do so many things at the same time. Many people practiced for months or even years to improve this, and you must be ready to do the same. Your left arm creates tension to your shoulder and your back, angles of your wrists are various, and you must stretch your muscles a bit.

If you can, the good thing before practice is to exercise for a couple of minutes before you start playing guitar. Focus on your body posture and rest from time to time, don’t be hard on yourself. Practice ten or fifteen minutes for a couple of days, and then increase your time to practice bit by bit.

Most common mistakes while standing up

If you notice any kind of pain during guitar playing, you are probably doing something wrong. It is normal to have some back pain if you practice for too long, but after some time, pain should go away. Feeling some tension in your wrists and arms are possible too. But, in order to prevent frequent pain, follow these tips to avoid mistakes while you play your guitar standing up.

The first thing to do is to adjust your guitar. Don’t hold guitar too far away, but you should not keep it too close either. Also, you need to relax your muscles, don’t be too tense and keep it natural. Your shoulders should be low, and relaxed at the same time.

Another common problem is finger pain. If you notice that your fingertips are hurting, this is because of friction. Your skin will get used to this over time, but until it does, you can use something to keep fingers protected. Also, take a break from time to time, relax in between practice because all you want to do is to have a good time, don’t you?


Learn to hold your guitar

If you want to learn how to play guitar while you stand up, you need to learn how to hold the guitar while standing up first. It looks easy while others do it, but when you try that for the first time, you will have the struggle to control your guitar. Follow these tips if you want to learn how to hold your guitar.

It is usually harder to play guitar in stand-up position. Because of this, you need good equipment to improve your guitar playing skills. First, you need to buy a high-quality strap. A strap will help you to fix the position of your guitar. Adjust it according to your body posture, and you are ready for next step.

The second step is – practice. Practice every day, as often as you can, and soon, you will notice that you are improving. In the first couple of days, you will find hard to keep everything under focus, but you will be better when time passes. Also, when you find the perfect position for your guitar, you will also avoid problems with back pain or shoulder pain.

If you have plans about performing your favorite songs in front of other people, this is a step you must do. When you learn how to do that, you will improve your body position, and your muscles will be stronger too. So, what do you waiting for? Start practice and don’t give up.



Playing guitar while you stand up is something you naturally want to do. You haven’t notice that your favorite rock star play guitar while sitting on a chair, right? Because of this, follow our tips and learn to play guitar standing up easily and with focus. We hope you find this article useful especially if you don’t know where to start to improve your guitar playing while standing on your feet.

Don’t be sad if you can’t play guitar while standing up. Time is your friend, and you will get a hold of it soon. You just need to practice every day, you must setup strap and position guitar at the optimal position, and after some time, you will be a master of playing guitar standing up. Finding good strap is an important part of this process. There is no universal solution for this, this varies from person to person, and you must find the way to do it by yourself. But, it is achievable.

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Hi, this is John Anthony founder of, Playing and collecting Cool Guitars is my hobby, and all of my friends and relatives know it. For that reason, I receive many queries over the phone, email and social media about best guitar recommendation. And Personally, I love to help peoples; even I always try to help them with my best effort.

I Am Getting Ready for My Summer Camping

I am so excited to be preparing for this summer. I plan to take a two and a half month long camping trip where I can get away from everything and unwind. I love being in nature and this will give me the chance to immerse myself. I got the idea because this will be my last summer before graduating from college. I had thought about working but realized that this was the last opportunity I would have for a while to do something like this.

After all, most jobs don’t want people taking off that much time, whether it is paid vacation or not! My best friend and I were talking about our plans for the summer and reflecting on the fact that this was our last summer of freedom, at least until we make our first few millions. So, we thought about it and have planned the perfect way to spend our time.

So, our plan is to load up his parents minivan with supplies and spend our time in the great outdoors. There are a few different camping sites that we are going to hit and we decided to include a trip to the beach as well. After all, neither of us have a girlfriend right now and the beach has more than just pretty waves and seashells, if you know what I mean. When I am taking a break from my studies, I like to start looking at different aspects of what we are going to do. I have a list of things that we are going to need to take that keeps growing every time I look at it.

We are both going to need to read reviews and buy an outdoor watch that will be safe for us to use in any tough g-shock kind of weather. In that amount of time, we are sure to run into a bunch of rain and won’t be able to use our phones to track the time. Plus there are some that have compasses and other features that could reduce how much stuff we need to take with us. He found this really awesome tent online that he bought already and is storing in his old room at his parent’s home. It has three separate rooms in it so we can each have our own private room and a place that we can hang out together.

We are looking forward to meeting new people along the way and getting in some fishing. My mom is helping us figure out the best foods to take with us to begin with and we still have to figure out what we are going to do along the way, especially if we are not able to catch fish sometimes. And, even though we both like fish a lot, I don’t think either of us wants to eat it for every meal. We will just keep working on everything until we get it all together so we can have a fun summer in nature!

Custom Amps

Ever dream of owning a hand wired point to point tube amp that is out of production. We can build it. We use quality parts and build to spec. Only out of production amps are available as we don’t need to collect cease and desist letters from lawyers. We charge $30.00 an hour labor plus the cost of the parts to include a small parts stocking fee.

We also charge for the shipping cost of transformers, chassis’, cabinets and speakers etc. Please consider the cost of having a custom amp built versus whats available and if the output transformers or non-standard tubes that are used in the design of the amplifier are available at a reasonable cost. Some parts such as selenium rectifiers are no longer available so some clones can not be replicated to 100% spec, but can be built using quality replacement parts that will not affect the tone of the amp. We will also professionally install modifications to your tube amplifier or rebuild a less than usable tube amplifier.

We will not cut a collectible amplifier to install things like an effects loop or a recording output. There are devices made for this type of application that will cost you a lot less money and will not destroy the value of a vintage collectible tube amp. However, from the ground up custom built amplifiers are built as fast and as precise as possible and are our priority. We build to your specs for a reasonable charge using only the finest parts available.

Don’t be dissuaded by web rumors or unsubstantiated claims that transformer X is the only thing that sounds good because of some perceived MOJO someone has commented on the web about. Numerous people who write a lot but don’t play much are constantly spewing out unsubstantiated “facts” and B.S. about resistors, capacitors, tubes, transformers, potentiometers and so on. I am a scientist at heart and have spent the last 17 years building, modding, and testing effect pedals and guitar amplifiers. Things I have checked out to see if they are true.

I recently measured the range of travel or throw of a Vox wah-wah and compared it to a Crybaby wah-wah and yes the Vox wah has a longer range of motion. Will this effect tone? With a well made correctly tapered wah pot it may. Wah pots do have different tapers  Mojo and Voodoo are just vendor perpetuated Internet hype to separate you from your dollars, don’t get sucked in. There are electrical engineering principles and basic electronics engineering laws that must be followed to properly use passive and active electronic components.

Some components are made from materials that are less noisy or more suited for their application in a circuit. Carbon composition resistors or tropical fish capacitors are not magical they are just electronic components. What is more important are the tolerances components are manufactured within and the quality of the material used to build the components. Don’t pay stupid money for old technologies or (NOS, Vintage, only used by) simply because someone says they have some special non-quantitative MOJO.

If you believe the hype call me I have lots of NOS in stock that I will gladly sell you for an inflated price if that will make you feel good about your rig. I never buy anything before I educate myself about what I am going to spend my hard earned dollars on. I recently saw an E-bay auction for a quantity of 100 .022 “vintage” Sozo made Marshall mustard caps. The starting price was well over $900.00.

Q. Why do I have NOS parts? A. For collector item restorations to insure a restored piece holds it’s collectible value! Remember one of the first basic rules of electrical engineering is; most things are engineered to a tolerance of “+/- 10%or more in some cases” Why? To save on component costs, inexpensive components mean a more significant bottom line profit for the manufacturer. Most electronics components are available in value tolerances ranging from 1% up to 20% or more. What if your doctor only had to get it right 80 or 90% of the time. Demand better for your money!